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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The people face problems in moving to the cities?

To the Cities
Often people move not to a new country but to a new place in their own country. All over the world, people in rural areas move to cities because they cannot make a living farming. They may have heard of people who moved to the city and became successful. Many times, the newcomers find that city living does not match their dreams.

People who migrate to the cities sometimes face a life of poverty in their new home. These people often cannot find jobs or housing.

The movement of people to the cities has led to rapid urbanization. Urbanization is the changing of rural areas to cities. Some cities, such as Calcutta in India, Manila in the Philippines, Caracas in Venezuela, and Sao Paulo in Brazil, already have millions of people. Yet each year millions more crowd into their city limits.

Such cities cannot handle all the newcomers. They cannot provide services such as garbage collection, fire and police protection, and public transportation for so many people. For the newcomers, city life is often worse, not better, than the life they left.

What problems do people sometimes face in moving to the cities?


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