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Friday, February 15, 2013

Use a Historical Map Skills

Use a Historical Map

1.    Why Learn This Skill?
One way to learn about history is by using historical maps. A historical map gives information about the past. A historical map can show you where trade routes once were and where battles were fought.

It can also tell you who controlled the resources of a place. Knowing how to use a historical map can help you understand what a place was like in ancient times.

2.    Understand the Process
The two maps on page 181 show part of northern Africa. Map A is a historical map. It shows the land controlled by Kush around 730 B.C. Map B is a current political map of the same region. Both maps show physical features, such as rivers, seas, and mountains.

Physical features usually change little over time. However, the names they go by may change. For example, the Eastern Desert of the past is now also known as the Arabian Desert. Political borders and the names of regions, cities, and towns also may change. Look closely at the differences between Map A, which shows Egypt and Nubia as they were in the past, and Map B, which shows a present-day view of the same area. Then answer these questions:

1- What cities and towns are shown on Map A? What cities and towns are shown on Map B? Why do you think the cities and towns shown on the two maps are different?
2- What ancient city was built near where the city of Cairo is today?
3- What two ancient kingdoms are identified on Map A?
4- What present-day countries are identified on Map B?
5- What other ancient kingdom did the Kingdom of Kush control in about 730 B.C.? How do you know?
6- What present-day countries occupy land once controlled by the ancient Kingdom of Kush?
7- How many tributaries appear near the mouth of the Nile River in Map A? How many tributaries appear near the mouth of the Nile in Map B? Why do you think the maps show a different number of tributaries?
8- Why do you think the relief shown on the two maps is the same?
9- Which map shows a reservoir and a dam built along the Nile River? Why do a reservoir and a dam appear on this map only?

3.    Think and Apply
Find another historical map in this textbook. How do you know that it shows information about the past? What kind of information does it show? How would a present-day map of the same area be different?


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