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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Farming in Ancient China

Farming in China
The North China Plain and the Huang He Valley have had large populations for thousands of years. These regions have also long been among China's most important food- producing regions. Growing food in northern China has always been a challenge. The climate is cold and dry, and the growing season is short. However, the land alongside the Huang He has been made rich by the river's deposits of silt. This fertile soil has allowed northern farmers to grow wheat, other grains, and a variety of vegetables.

Southern China has warmer climates and longer growing seasons. Farmers in the Chang Jiang Basin produce about three-fourths of all the rice eaten in China. Wheat, corn, and beans are just a few of the other crops that grow well in the Chang Jiang Basin.

What are some of the crops that grow in China?


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