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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

What are some reasons people migrate to other countries?

People and the World Today

People can affect places, and places can affect people.
It is easy to see how people affect places. They build houses and streets, carve tunnels in mountains, and make dams and reservoirs. But places can also change people or cause them to act in certain ways. The resources of an area affect what people eat, what they wear, and how they build. Physical features of an area affect where people build and how they travel. Through all of history, there has been a connection between people and the places they live.

People on the Move
From earliest times to the present, nomads have been on the move in search of new grasslands for their herds, or new animals to hunt and plants to gather. There are still a few nomadic peoples, such as the Fulanis (FOO»lah»neez) of western Africa and the Bedouins (BEH»duh»winz) of southwestern Asia. Unlike these present-day P nomads, most people of the modern world are not always on the move. However, many people do make at least one major move in their lifetime.

Often people who migrate to another country or continent do so because of a problem. For example, they may move to escape the effects of war. In 1997 many Africans left the country that was then called Zaire to escape war. People who leave their homes to escape from war or other danger are called refugees.

Drought and times of famine, or shortage of food, may also cause people to leave a place. During the mid-nineteenth century, Ireland's potato crop failed for several years in a row. This time became known as the Potato Famine. A large number of Irish people starved to death. Many others moved to Britain, the United States, or other countries. During the 1930s a severe drought caused thousands of people to leave the Great Plains area of the United States.

The search for more freedoms is another reason people migrate. Many of the early colonists in what became the United States left their homelands for religious freedom. When India and Pakistan became independent in 1947, thousands of Hindus left Pakistan for the mainly Hindu India. At the same time, thousands of Muslims left India for Pakistan.

People also migrate to escape persecution. In the 1930s Germany's leader Adolf Hitler took away rights from European Jews and other groups. Many were killed. Those who could escape left Europe for other places.

People also migrate to other countries in search of economic opportunity. These people move to another country with the hope that they will make a better living.

Whatever their reasons, many of the world's people have chosen the United States as their new home. Today, immigrants come to the United States from such diverse places as Mexico, Cuba, Vietnam, China, Japan, India, the Philippines, El Salvador, Canada, Russia, and Germany. Former United States President Jimmy Carter said this about the different immigrant groups in the United States:

We are of course a nation of differences. Those differences don't make us weak. They're the source of our strength. The question is ... why our families came here. And what we did after we arrived.

What are some reasons people migrate to other countries?


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