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Friday, January 13, 2017

The Olmecs and the Mayas: North America

The Olmecs and the Mayas

Geography of the Americas
North and South America were the last of the world's continents, except for Antarctica, to be settled by people. Not until nature provided a bridge were people able to cross from Asia to North America. As they migrated through the Americas, the early people found a wide variety of climates and landforms.

North America
Third in size of all the continents, North America is a land of many different environments. Forests and plains cover the center of North America. Cutting through the woods and grasslands are many rivers. The largest of these is the Mississippi.

Oceans lap the shores of the continent the Pacific on the west and the Atlantic on the east. Mountain ranges separate both coasts of the continent from the middle. The very old Appalachian (a»puh«LAY»chee»uhn) Mountains follow the eastern coast. On the western coast, the newer and taller Alaska Range and Sierra Madre Occidental rise above the land. Slightly inland stand the Rocky Mountains and the Sierra Madre Oriental.

Today almost all parts of North America show signs of human life. Roads and highways crisscross the continent, connecting hundreds of cities large and small.

What are some important land and water features of North America?


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