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Friday, June 9, 2017

England & Ireland Conflict History from 1500 to 1922

England & Ireland History
History has shown that when two groups claim the same piece of land, a struggle may result. When differences in religious beliefs are involved, emotions become even stronger.

The conflict between England and Ireland 
The conflict between Ireland and England is an example of a political and religious struggle. Today England is a part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. As this name tells you, Northern Ireland is also part of this country. The rest of Ireland is an independent country

A look back in history can explain much about the conflict between the Irish and the English. In the 1500s the kingdom of England invaded Ireland. For 400 years the mostly Catholic Irish lived under the rule of the mostly Protestant English. Then, in 1920, Ireland began to seek independence. After years of on-and-off fighting, much of the Irish land became independent Ireland in 1922. Just six northern counties remained a part of Britain. Today these counties are known as Northern Ireland.

For many years fighting has taken place over the question of freedom for Northern Ireland. Sometimes terrorism, or acts of violence to further a cause, has been used in this conflict. The Irish Republican Army, or IRA, has been responsible for several of these terrorist attacks. The main goal of the IRA is to reunite the two parts of Ireland. Many people in Northern Ireland, however, want to remain part of Britain.

As a result of peace talks, the Irish Republican Army declared a cease-fire, an order to stop fighting, on August 31,1994.

In spite of flare-ups of violence, more peace talks were held in 1998. The agreements reached in these talks are believed by many to be meaningful steps toward peace.


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