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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Causes of the Cold War

Main Causes of Cold War
World War II took 50 million lives and left Europe in ruins. As the war ended, world leaders began to plan for the future. The Soviet Union, however, had its own plans.

It had already begun to set up communist governments in several eastern European countries which had been freed from Hitler's control. Americans and Europeans feared that the Soviets wanted to force communism on the rest of the world.

With the recent invention of the atomic bomb, people worried that any outward conflict between the Soviet Union and the United States might result in nuclear war. Therefore, the two countries did not fight each other directly. Instead, they became rivals in an arms race, or competition to have the most weapons. This conflict became known as the Cold War. The Cold War finally ended in December 1991, when a chain of events led to the breakup of the Soviet Union.

What was the reason for the Cold War?


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